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The Road to the Akasaka Blitz Live

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I’m home!

The new TOSHI with T-EARTH

New live

We’re facing it.

Hot hot hot hot hot

We’re in the middle of rehearsal

For our totally cool and awesome songs

We’ll be a totally cool and awesome band

The Akasaka Blitz live on August 13th




If you don’t come

You’ll definitely regret it.

Come to me with love.

“Hontou no Ai” is available as a ringtone on TOSHI Mobile !
↓Access it here↓
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Long distance love!?

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This morning at 5:30AM I left my hotel, and took the first air plane from Okayama airport to Haneda airport.
I appeared as a guest at “Healing Fair 2009” that was held at Tokyo Big Site. Many people kindly came to my talk & live.
Erisa Kaminomiya (http://ameblo.jp/erisa-kaminomiya/) kindly came there to interview me.
It seems she will certainly bring a friend of hers from Ageha to come see the TOSHI with T-EARTH concert at Akasaka Blitz on August 13th.

Tomorrow, Monday, I will make a quick guest appearance on her internet TV program.

Definitely check it out.

◆Nimo TV◆
Every week Monday through Friday from12:30~1:00】

After that I returned to Haneda airport again, and went straight to Fukuoka airport.
I had in-store events at Quiz Mall in Hakata. Many people kindly participated.
I returned to Tokyo on the last flight of the day; I traveled full circle as if I had a love for long distance travel – the day ended in this manner.

TOSHI On Demand at HWch.
TOSHI’s new song “Itsumademo”

TOSHI with T-EARTH’s new song “Hontou no Ai”

“TRUTH” http://toshi.hw-ch.com/hwte-0005music.html

Their music downloads have started.

You can listen to it right away ! ! !


Ageha is a Japanese magazine.

The girl in the picture is Erisa Kaminomiya.
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Good Morning & Good Night & Good Morning

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Good morning.

On the 7th in Okayama prefecture, Mimasaka city at the Yunogo Grand Hotel was my Dinner & Concert.
Many people kindly participated.
The proprietress of the hotel who kindly sponsored me, and the manager are really fantastic people.
The annex I lodged in, Poppy Springs, was also a very wonderful hotel.

On the night of the 8th, in the same Mimasaka city, at Mimasaka Park, I had an event concert on an outdoor stage for an elderly institution.

The old men and old women, and all of the locals, on a hot summer night, we got riled up.
The institution manager and all of the first-time staff were very wonderful people.

For lodgings, I of course stayed at the Mimasaka Yunogo’s Nishikien Hotel.
The proprietress and manager were very wonderful.

In a wonderful room, I slowly soaked in a Shigaraki bathtub, decorated with germaniums; my body and soul were healed.
I really recommend this place.

Everyon in Yunogo, Mimasaka, thank you very much.

On the 9th, I will shortly depart from the hotel,
And from Okayama airport go to Tokyo.

At 10:30AM I will have a talk & live at the “Healing Fair” going on at Tokyo Big Site.
I will meet you all there.

After it finishes I will quickly fly to Fukuoka airport.

Hakata Quiz Mall at 3:30PM & 5:30PM~
In-store events

And a concert within Fukuoka prefecture has been decided.

Fukuoka prefecture, Iizuka city, at Kahogekijyo on August 28th
Bone marrow Bank Aid Charity Concert
For inquiries call
0948220266 Kahogekijyo

In Tokyo today, and in Fukuoka today as well,

Come to me with love.

I’m going to sleep for 30 minutes.

Good night.

The picture is from the Mimasaka Park Event.


Shigaraki is a type of ceramic. Wiki article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shigaraki_ware
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Last August, the eco and environmentally themed eco hard rock band T-EARTH was formed.
Today, July 30th there was a press conference announcing the new members of the new T-EARTH.
The members who joined this year came from a general public appeal for applicants. “People who want to save the Earth” was the application requirements and the members selected from the applications are the drummer RIKU (age 12), guitarist RYO (age 17), and bassist KAIN (age 24). With an average age of 17 the fresh, warm-hearted members of the new T-EARTH gathered.
And, most of all, the greatest point is their music.
The 1st, and 2nd albums were awesome but, the new album “Hontou no ai” is clearly 1000 times cooler than those!
More edgy, more melodious, heavier, the finished songs are incredible; the best powerful rock masterpiece was born out of the best performance in this rock singer’s life so far by his singing voice and shouting! It’s seriously dangerous,
Without delay, check out the downloads.

It’ll seriously knock you out.

And, currently in Europe, especially Great Britain, T-EARTH is hot.
In British clubs T-EARTH’s music has become pretty popular.
A new movement in the music industry is the street team, made up of people who kindly support T-EARTH, they have passionately played their music at clubs.
And they’re definitely going to do a concert there, and there is talk about a European concert tour so they’re excited as well.
For the sake of advancing in Europe, an English version of the newest album has been created.
The title is “TRUTH.”
Thereupon making it in English has again increased its greatness.
This album is also seriously awesome.
Definitely check out the downloads!

And, on August 13th at Akasaka Blitz there will be a live that starts the performances of these awesome songs.
The time has come to take the veil off the new TOSHI with T-EARTH.
The performances will be surprisingly awesome. Seriously.
A new era for the real power rock is coming, I can feel it in my body.
We’re waiting for you at Blitz.
The new album you’re expectantly waiting for will be released that day as well.
Admit defeat to the best rock album! http://store.toshi-official.com/

(T-EARTH Osaka Performance is September 11th at Nanba Hatch)

Also, on August 13th the new TOSHI HEALING mini album “Itsumademo” will be released, the next day, the 14th at Akasaka Blitz there will be a TOSHI HEALING, and TOSHI&WANKU (Moritani Kaori) married couple duet concert.

“Itsumademo” came from the previous experiences of MASAYA, the composer and producer for TOSHI HEALING and T-EARTH.

Originally I thought this song didn’t match me, because I haven’t experienced the loss of my beloved,

But MASAYA said it’s alright to mismatch isn’t it?...he suggested that I try singing it just once.

At the dinner & concert I did a trial run and sang it.

Many people cried when they heard that song. And that’s how I came to record this song.

His important partner died from stomach cancer 10 years ago.

More than anyone else he has experienced the “separation from your beloved person” that I sing about.

10 years ago, when I left X JAPAN, I suffered various bashings.

In general, the concession that TOSHI was born through X JAPAN was fabricated for the purpose of framing me, and I was fiercely attacked by malicious fellows.

At that time, the one who saved me from myself was MASAYA.

They turned their swords towards MASAYA, and he suffered extremely groundless bashings.

Even though he was in the midst of outrageous adversity his lively nature carried him through it. Just like he overcame the death of his beloved person…

However, one day, as he was casually driving his car the song he made for her played, and the tears he had kept welled up inside of him came unstoppably. I overcame all adversity but in spite of that, at that time, if you, my beloved, had been at my side…

I want to give this to everyone who has lost a loved one, I want them to definitely listen to this song full of that deep love and those moments.

Please check for the download here.
Please shed tears from a heart full of love and caring.

And I will perform the strings version of that song together with WANKU at the concert on the 14th.

I want you to definitely come with your important person to this concert.


Tomorrow, the 31st (Friday) in Tochigi prefecture, Ashikaga city is Ashikaga Summer Fiesta 7:30PM~ TOSHI Live & Talk Event includes CD sale and signing.
Place: Watarase river riverbed special stage

August 1st (Saturday) in Shizuoka city, Fugetsuro Lifetime is a Dinner & Concert but it’s already SOLD OUT

2nd (Sunday) at Tokyo Koganei city’s Tokyo Engineering inside the hospital special stage event is a TOSHI with T-EARTH special mini live at 4:30PM.
Since it seems that members of the general public who are not students may also attend, people who want to meet T-EARTH without delay should come!

Today’s press conference in the news



Nikkan Sports


Long entry is long! Not sure if beloved should be loved one but I think it's beloved.
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The Actual Summer Performance!

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During the Okinawa 3 Days I continued recording.

I continued recording until this morning, and I went as I was from Haneda Airport to Kyushu Airport.
I have just come to Yukuhashi city, Fukuoka prefecture.

Starting today is the first concert for the Concert for Friendship ~ Bone Marrow Bank Aid Concert~

From now on this concert is planned to be a series of concerts being held nation wide!

Below is the schedule for the next few days.
Definitely all of you close enough,
Come to me with love.

23rd (Thursday)
Fukuoka prefecture, Yukuhashi city
TOSHI Concert Concert of Friendship in Yukuhashi (Bone Marrow Bank Aid Charity Concert)
6:30 Performance starts Yukuhashi City Meeting Hall Big Hall
(Inquiries) Green Note Corporation 080-3958-2691

24th (Friday)
Saitama prefecture, Saitama city
TOSHI in-store mini live
2:00 & 4:00~ Stela Town (埼玉県さいたま市北区宮原町1-854-1)
(Inquiries) 048-660-5200

Kanagawa prefecture, Yokohama city
TOSHI mini concert
7:30~ Aloha YOKOHAMA2009 Yokohama Harbor Daisan Bridge Hall Stage
(Inquiries) Healing Entertainment 054-656-3655 (Maejima)

25th (Saturday)
Hiroshima prefecture, Onomichi city
TOSHI mini concert
2:00 & 4:00PM~ Innoshima Flower Center
Innoshima Flower Center

26th (Sunday)
Hokkaido, Nakashibetsu city
6:30 PM Performance starts To-yo-Grand Hotel
(Inquiries) 0153-73-1234

27th (Monday)
Hokkaido, Sapporo
TOSHI Dinner & Concert
6:00PM Doors Open Hotel Okura Sapporo (札幌市中央区南1条西5丁目 011-221-2333)

(Inquiries) TOSHI Sapporo Public Performance Executive Committee Executive Office Office Head: Araki (080-5598-1857)

During this schedule I will also be recording.

For the T-EARTH Concert on August 13th at Akasaka Blitz & the new album releases
I will do my best

Today I sang “Taisetsuna Mono” together with all the local people in a giant chorus.
This is a picture from our rehearsal!


Sorry I took so long to do this, was busy and traveling.
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T-EARTH’s summer has begun~

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Today I am flying to Okinawa.

I was recording for T-EARTH until this morning,
It was decided that all 3 new albums
Will be released on August 13th!

Pre-orders come with a special bonus. (A ball pen with the logo on it: 1 pen per CD.)

※ For those who order all 3, a hand signed photo present will also be included!

※ General pre-orders: 2009/07/18 ~ 08/12.

For details check the official site.


↓ For those using their cell phones

I can say for certain that these albums are unthinkably great

Separating myself from recording for a few days, I have my second happy, fun, summer Okinawa 3 Days Campaign of the month.

2:00PM & 5:00PM Kyozuka City

11:30AM Gushikawa Main City
3:00PM Nishihara City
6:00PM Shiozaki City

3:00PM & 5:00PM Naha Main Place

Everyone in Okinawa
Come to me with love~ Come~

The picture is
A picture form a few days ago.


Toshi replaced all of his "desu" with "dea-su" which is his old pun on the word Earth and the sentence ending particle "desu." As "desu" has no real English equivalent (I have seen it translated as the "to be" verb but it depends on the sentence content) and it is very odd to see a sentence end with "Earth," I decided to not include it in the translation.

Menso-re is actually the Okinawan way of saying "Welcome." It can also mean "Come on in!" so I went with "Come" as Toshi isn't from Okinawa so he can't welcome people to Okinawa but he can ask everyone to come to his events, which he always does.

The logo on the pen will most likely be the new T-EARTH logo.
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Since yesterday I’ve been in Nasu; today I am leaving here for Tokyo.
It’s rainy today.
Speaking of Nasu, it’s very humid.

Starting today until the end of the week I will be milling about at various events and concerts.

Everyone in the neighborhood!
Come to me with love

8th (Wednesday) Tokyo in-store event
2:00PM & 4:00PM Ario Nishiarai store

Participation is free

10th (Friday) Fukuoka Dinner & Concert “TOSHI BEST”
6:30PM Grand Hyatt Fukuoka
(Questions) TOSHI Concert Executive Office 0287-73-2772 (Weekdays 10:00~6:00)
The dinner & concerts at Osaka and Tokyo were deeply emotional but the Fukuoka one is the last public performance.
It might be the first and last dinner & concert where I appear together with WANKU in Fukuoka…
I rarely do dinner & concerts in Fukuoka so please be sure to participate.

11th (Saturday) Chiba prefecture Tateyama city “Heart’s Day TOSHI Healing Concert”
12:00PM Doors open 1:00PM Concert starts
Chiba prefecture Nanso Cultural Hall
Chiba prefecture, Tateyama city, Houjyou 740-1
Participation is free

7:00PM~ Tokyo in-store event
Sunstreet Kameido
Participation is free.

12th (Sunday) TOSHI Concert Shiga prefecture Kusatsu city Shiga Prefectural Arts Creation Hall ~ Let’s protect Lake Biwa!~
5:30PM Doors open
6:00PM Concert starts
〒525-0059 滋賀県草津市野路町6-15-11 TEL: 077-564-5815 

I have personally experienced drinking water from Lake Biwa with the prefectural governor of Shiga while attending a lecture on Lake Biwa’s environmental problems.
It’s a charity concert that I definitely would like for everyone to participate in.
With love.

The picture is of

The stage at the Osaka Maternity Festival
Really many people kindly participated.
Even babies and children.
It was fun.
Thank you.

Which reminds me, last night was Tanabata.

I wonder what everyone wished for.


Tanabata - a star festival, to put it simply, where one makes a wish and hope it comes true. Read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanabata

Heart's Day - kokoro means many things in Japanese, but I decided to go with "heart" as it is a very common translation and use of the word.
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Hot Okinawa, the Passionate people of Rohto Pharmaceuticals

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I went to Okinawa yesterday for the Rohto Pharmaceuticals’ 110th founding anniversary commemorative tour in Okinawa’s secret live special event where all employees assembled.

The concert at night, upon the specially erected stage, was more than just awesome, but very exciting, and the best ever!
I was honestly deeply moved by everyone singing the chorus to “Taisetsuna mono”
The Rohto Pharmaceuticals’ Look Next Campaign CM that uses “Taisetsuna mono” as the theme song is currently airing; President Yamada, and the manager Yoshino are in charge of an obviously very cool, warm-hearted, passionate, and overflowing with youthfulness company.
It was a fun, deeply emotional, intensely hot Okinawa evening.
Everyone from Rohto Pharmaceuticals, thank you very much

The day before yesterday was the Dinner&Concert Tokyo public performance.
It was also a wonderful and deeply emotional concert.
Many of the new songs that I am currently in the midst of recording were announced for the first time.
And, everyone who assisted me was kind enough to participate in the exchange party after the concert; it was exciting!
Everyone, thank you very much.

Also, today, after this I will go from Okinawa to Osaka

I will make a stage appearance as a guest at the Maternity Carnival at Osaka South Port ATC Hall.
After the talk&mini concert starting at 2:30PM, there will be an on the spot CD sale and signing at the Rohto Pharmaceuticals booth as well.
Everyone in Kansai

Come to me with love

Everyone in Kanto
On the 8th at 2:00PM&4:00PM~
At Ario Nishiharai
There will be in-store events

Everyone in Kyuushuu
On the 10th at Fukuoka Hotel Grand Hyatt

Let’s meet!

The picture is of
The hot live with all the employees of Rohto Pharmaceuticals!
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Yesterday I was recording T-EARTH’s new songs.

Today was the rehearsal for the July 3rd Dinner&Concert Tokyo public performance.

The new songs

Are too awesome

WANKU’s new solo songs recording was all done this time.

These are also

Too awesome
I think she has really established a new healing song genre.

MASAYA who can easily handle producing lyrics and compositions all at one time is also too great

Approaching the new music from healing and from rock

Nevertheless, no matter the song they are all fundamentally deeply emotional to the point that you cry; they’re cool.

The many new songs that are too great will be announced at the July 3rd Dinner&Concert Tokyo public performance.

New TOSHI songs
New T-EARTH songs
New WANKU songs
July 10th Dinner&Concert Fukuoka public performance

August 13th, 14th Akasaka Blitz

September 11th Osaka Nanba Hatch

At these concerts as well
These New songs that are too awesome.

Will be announced.

Until then I think I will release them via album.

In addition to the greatly popular and highly praised Rohto Pharmaceuticals “Taisetsuna mono” CM, which is in the middle of airing

Tomorrow, from July 1st Akasaka Blitz’s TV commercial will begin on TBS

Incidentally, on July 5th
At Osaka South Port C Hall
At the Maternity Carnival
Continuing as last year I will perform.
After the event, I will also do a on the spot CD sale and signing at the Rohto Pharmaceuticals booth.
Everyone in Kansai come to me with love
I’ll be able to meet a lot of babies again.

So Dinner&Concert
Akasaka Blitz
Nanba Hatch
You definitely don’t come
It’ll be terrible.

At any rate
The new songs
Are too awesome

So yeah

The picture is
From today’s rehearsal for July 3rd’s Dinner&Concert
Catherine is on violin (she was also in charge of arranging new songs)
Ebihara is on piano; he is the T-GAIA member who has kindly worked on arranging so far.
WANKU, who at last has decided to release a solo album singing new healing music.
These members will be at the Tokyo public performance.
Please participate without fail.

Today the new songs are too awesome so my spirit is high
It became a highly spirited blog.


I have never seen so many !! or up arrows in my life. Perhaps he had gone several days without sleep? This is probably the closest we will ever get to a "drunk" post by him as he doesn't drink alcohol.
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Michael Jackson’s Death

Today I found out from the news that Michael Jackson died.
The last time he visited Japan, through Michael’s manager, he received a letter from me.
“Would you perform ‘We are the world’ one more time with me?” was the written contents.
At that time
“Regrettably, for the time being I do not plan to appear on stage.”
Was the reply I received through his manager.
I was unable to collaborate together with him and
An oppressive sorrow remains.
Becoming a star in his childhood, to go through life with constant troubles surrounding money and family;
With the vicious purpose of using up his money through criminal indictments and lawsuit proceedings.
He himself had to concede too much and it seems he lately did not make appearances because of these various troubles.
I don’t think it’s somebody else’s problem, it could very well be mine.
I will continue to fight against such malignant people.
Overlooking malignant injustice, never, even when I die I will not forgive such an act.
Without fail, I absolutely will not give up on exposing the evil deeds of such people.

By the way, I am in the midst of recording!
The new songs will
Be announced as planned at the July 3rd Dinner&Concert Tokyo’s public performance and
At the July 10th Fukuoka public performance.
Everyone who will participate, please anticipate it!

From tomorrow is Fukuoka 2 DAYS

27th (Saturday) Fukuoka city
2:00PM Aeon Kashii 5:00PM Aeon Ito

28th (Sunday) Kitakyuushuu city
“TOSHI Talk&Live in Dramaship”

12:30 doors open 1:00~1:30PM
2:30PM doors open 3:00~3:30PM

Kanmon Straits Museum 北九州市門司区西海岸1-3-3 Tel 093-331-6700

Now, on TV the “Taisetsuna mono” Rohto Pharmaceuticals CM has been playing a lot but
From July 1st until July 15th
It will run late at night as well.

The August 13th, and 14th Akasaka Blitz 2 Days Concert’s CM is also playing!
Don’t miss it.

The picture is of
My eye.

Yes, that's Toshi's eye. I have no idea why he took a photo of it - perhaps to go with the phrase "Don't miss it." I'm thinking he doesn't have eyelashes...and he certainly has thin eyebrows. Otherwise, his eye is quite pretty!

I had some trouble with two sentences, regarding Michael Jackson. One, according to grammar check, is grammatically incorrect (a sentence fragment) but I wasn't sure how to fix it as Toshi certainly doesn't write "people attacked him with the purpose of..." and I am not about to say people did or did not attack Michael Jackson [that is none of my business and I do not plan to get involved in that endless debate] so I left it as a fragment. It wasn't also clear, to me, what Toshi meant by "hyuomen ni detekonakatta" so I went with "didn't make appearances." If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, and would greatly appreciate being told what he really meant.