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The Last of Summer Vacation!

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On the 30th

During the afternoon, in Aichi prefecture, Chita city
I has a concert inside the hospital of my medical director friend, who has supported me without fail no matter what from long ago.

The concert was created by people who were moved by my music.
For them to have such love for me, that sort of at home feeling was nice.
Doctor, everyone who participated,

Thank you!

At night was the eco themed concert in Handa city.
It was really exciting.

Today, the 31st,

At 8:00PM~ in Gunma prefecture, Oizumi city, is my in-store event.

This company has always supported me since the beginning of my Utatabi days, and it manages many CD stores in the center of Gunma prefecture. At their store that has just opened

The TSUTAYA Oizumi store

This summer vacation
I never took a break.
I really worked a lot.

This summer
Part of my work
Was having many encounters and deep emotions.

Thank you.

This year’s summer vacation,
I will adorn it with perfect beauty.
Created by my true friends,
My in-store event.


Come to me with love.

The picture is from
The concert in the hospital.

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Human Dog! Woof Woof!

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Yesterday I had an in-store event in Shinjuku.

At night, in Shibuya
I performed at a one year commemorative live event for a music studio my friend manages.
The other bands were quite cool.
I appeared together with
Sasurai Maker.

It was a hot live.

I arrived at Nagoya Station sometime ago.
Now, I’m en route in a car.

I’m going to my friend’s hospital in Chitagun; I’ll have a mini concert inside the hospital at a live event.

The doctor of my friend who drives
Recommended that
I definitely do
“Human Doc.”


Is the
Handa concert.

At 6PM
In Gunma prefecture, at the TSUTAYA Oizumi is my last in-store event for summer vacation.
Please come!

And September 11th is the day of the T-EARTH live at Osaka Nanba Hatch and is also the release date for the new single “Arigatou no Uta.”
Pre-orders are open until September 10th.
Definitely listen to it!

The picture is from
Last night’s live.


Human Doc - http://ningen-dock.shooti.jp/index.html
It seems to be a network of hospitals, clinics, doctors, and good Samaritans to help those with any sort of ailment - physical or mental. A social supporting network of sorts perhaps - I don't really know. It also goes by "Human Dog."
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Iizuka city Kahogekijyo




Fukuoka prefecture’s, Iizuka city’s


That is rich with history,

The concert

Will start.

There are two performances during the day and evening.

Starting at 2:00PM
At HMV Shinjuku
I have an in-store event.

Everybody come!

After that
From 5:30PM

At an event at Shibuya DESEO

I will appear as a guest.

I will probably appear on stage around 8:30PM.

I will collaborate

With the other bands.

It’s going to be awesome.

Come to me with love.

And on the 30th

In Aichi prefecture, Handa city

At the Handa City Welfare Culture Assembly Hall

I have a concert.

Fall in love with my charm.

On the 31st

At 8:00PM~
Gunma prefecture
At the
TSUTAYA Oizumi Store
I will have an in-store event.


Let’s meet.

The picture is from the rehearsal just now.
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Towards Yokohama

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Starting at 6:00PM

At HMV Yokohama Vivre

I have an in-store event.

Definitely come!

The picture is from

Yesterday’s rehearsal with
Sasurai Maker
Who I will perform with at the live event in Shibuya on August 29th.
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The Design for the Ichirino Music Festival…

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Today I am in Ishikawa prefecture, Hakusan city.

For the Ichirino Music Festival.

Today in Ishikawa prefecture, Hakusan city

At the Ichirino Music Festival

I will appear on stage.

Continuing without rest from yesterday at Suzuka

Today as well


Doing the real time reports.

I’m leaving it to you WANKU!


It feels really good, this outdoor stage in the middle of nature.

I’m together with my close friend

Ishida Junichi.

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Suzuka Circuit

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Suzuka Circuit

X JAPAN Film Gig

Surprise appearance

With Yoshiki

Real time relay is

At WANKU’s Ameblog


The schedule from tomorrow is below

23rd (Sunday) Ishikawa prefecture, Hakusan city, Ichirino Music Festival

24th (Monday) Osaka city, 7:30PM~ Apple Store Shinsaibashi In-store event

26th (Wedenesday) Yokohama city, 6:00PM~ Yokohama Vivre

28th (Friday) Fukuoka prefecture, Iizuka city, Kahogekijyo Bone Marrow Bank Aid Charity Concert
Afternoon times Doors open: 12:30 Show starts: 1:30PM Evening times Doors open: 6:00PM Show starts: 7:00PM

29th (Saturday) Tokyo, Shinjuku 2:00PM~ HMV Shinjuku In-store event

6:00PM~ SHIBUYA DESEO Studio Bayd First Anniversary Commemorative Live Guest appearance

30th (Sunday) Aichi prefecture, Handa city

Handa City Welfare Culture Assembly Hall ◆What a salon can do~ Handa Beauty “eco” Project~

Details are


And TOSHI with T-EARTH Osaka live

More and more it’s drawing near!!

You’ll definitely regret it if you don’t come~

Without fail, come!!!

Anyway, hurry to WANKU’s ameblog!!!


So I am on my way back to Japan today (was back in the US) so I apologize in advance if it takes me a while to catch up with him if he goes on a blogging spree.

And do check out Kaori's blog, there are a ton of awesome pics from the film gig.
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It’s sudden but

Tomorrow at 6PM

At HMV Abeno

I will do

An in-store event.

Come to me with love

September 11th, Osaka Nanba Hatch

The day of T-EARTH’s live

The urgently released


“Arigatou no Uta”

The recording is going perfectly!

It’s becoming


The picture is of

That recording.
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Arigatou no Uta

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While my impressions from the 13th, and 14th at Akasaka Blitz still linger,

After the first campaign events for the release of the new albums,

The day before yesterday I was in Kasama city, in Ibaraki prefecture.

Yesterday there were
In-store events in
Mie prefecture, Matsusaka city, Gifu prefecture, Ogaki city, and Mie prefecture, Yokkaichi city.

There was a lot of traffic congestion while I was en route in the car, so everyone is Ogaki and Yokkaichi, where the start times were drastically delayed, I am very sorry!

A great number of people kindly participated in the events.
Thank you very much.

Akasaka Blitz Concert
I conveyed my thoughts on the 13th in my previous blog entry.

I will write a little about the 14th.

The 14th was a TOSHI HEALING concert.
It changed suddenly from the rock of the day before.
The stage set was rearranged to have a beautiful drape.
Warm, powerful floral arrangements filled up the stage, and chairs were lined up. It was completely transformed into a healing concert hall.

The musical performers were
Katherine Cash on violin.
She was the arranger on the current TOSHI HEALING mini-album, “Itsumademo,” and she was the English translator for the new T-EARTH album “TRUTH” as well as the vocal coach for our English pronunciation.
She is naturally a first-class musician.

Ebihara Shinji on keyboards.
He arranges T-EARTH’s music and he’s one of T-EARTH’s recording musicians. He’s also a member of T-GAIA, and he is naturally a very fine musician.

With those dispositions, the friends I consider to be family graciously supported me from behind.

And the guest singer was WANKU.
With the exception of the Dinner & Concerts this was her first public performance.

It was really a very emotional concert.

After the concert ended,

The leader of the music world, Yukawa Reiko graciously paid a visit to the dressing room.
“I definitely understood what it is you want to do, it was a good concert. Especially WANKU’s unique outlook on the world; in the whole world, I’ve never heard a voice like hers” were the compliments WANKU received from her.
I really thought that way as well.
WANKU’s singing voice is the one and only, one of the world’s most original voices.
It’s impressive!
Therefore I want to transmit WANKU’s song to the whole world.
Everyone please give WANKU’s new album one more listen.
I am singing my own praise but it really is awesome.


By the way, like Yukawa Reiko’s words,
I’ve condensed everything that I have cultivated over the past 10 years, and while cherishing it I will continue in this direction. I think I clearly, and plainly expressed this over those 2 days.

Everyone who kindly participated at Akasaka Blitz, thank you very much!
All of the Akasaka Blitz concert staff, thank you very much for your hard work!
And all the members who performed thank you very much.
Especially the members of T-EARTH, whose daily growth I came to know, I really depended on them, and it was a happy study.
I think the obedience they hold, their modesty, and other inherent qualities will continue to increase.

The next T-EARTH concert is in Osaka
September 11th (Friday) 7:00PM~
Nanba Hatch
This will be no matter what awesome!!!
Everyone, definitely come!

And the TOSHI HEALING concerts are
23rd (Sunday) Ishikawa prefecture, Hakusan city Ichirino Music Festival ECO STAGE (my very important friend, Ishida Junichi will appear alongside me.)

28th (Friday) Fukuoka prefecture, Iizuka city Kahogekijyo (2 performances) Bone Marrow Bank Aid Charity Concert CONCERT FOR FRIENDSHIP

29th (Saturday) Tokyo, Shibuya HIBUYA DESCO Studio Bayd First Year Anniversary Live Guest Performance

30th (Sunday) Aichi prefecture, Handa city Handa city Welfare Culture Assembly Hall (Kariyado Hall) “Handa Beauty “eco” Project~” Jet-lag Corporation 4 Year Anniversary Commemoration Event

Details are here:

And an urgent announcement!!!

The well known concert song
“Arigatou no Uta”
Will be released on CD!!!

As T-GAIA’s debut song, until now it was only available via download and that was the only way you could listen to it but

It is being released as a mini album in response to the many voices who asked for it to definitely be put on CD.

It will be released on

September 11th the same day as T-EARTH’s live at Nanba Hatch!!!

The reservations will be announced in the near future so be sure to check it!!!

The picture is from
The TOSHI & WANKU rehearsal on the 14th.

News Articles from the 12th
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Akasaka Blitz 2 Days Have Ended

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Akasaka Blitz 2 Days have ended.

Those 2 days were really exciting.

Everyone who kindly participated, thank you very much!

My impressions on the newly born TOSHI with T-EARTH concert after it has finished today, the 13th:

The concert on the 13th, it was really great.

What I felt more than anything else was

The greatness of the songs.

Like ultra-fine rock, the more than good cool rock sound, the arrangement…

The lyrics are of course ultra-fine eco, environmental, and truly natural.

The vocals were a culmination of my 30 years experience all gathered together, shouting with all my might!

And the shouts and sound that the audience answered with as one continued to spread out like a borderless cosmos.

And the members were

The elementary school sixth grader, the 12 year old genius drummer on drums, RIKU

It was his first full-blown live but, his greatness, and coolness, was felt by everyone in Akasaka Blitz more than 100%.

His technical prowess, a radical of his time, and yet his genuine, single-minded drumming figure can move anyone.

However in the shadow of being called a genius he earnestly practices hard; I saw this side of him.
When he showed me his hand, for the first time in his life “blisters” formed on his red skin.



The awe-inspiring RIKU.

I saw his true potential.

RIKU, you really did well! Thank you!!


The guitarist was RYO.

He just turned 18 years old the other day.

He has handsome features, his charm lies in his excellent technique which is out of character for a man his age. Without thinking, he took to his first stage without cowardice, he coolly decides what to do when he needs to decide, and, on the stage he freely runs around rampantly, having a good time while performing. His audience appeal is fantastic.

With the sense of fresh flowers, his greatest charming point is his natural disposition to be a new star.

“T-EARTH’s music is the best of this era” is what that young man said, for the younger generation to feel that way, in order to learn a song requiring high levels of musicianship, even when he should be sleeping, he begrudgingly practices.

That exertion of yin can not be seen even if he belches; his bright, obedient natural character erupted on stage.

On that stage, he conveyed that completely to the audience.

RYO really did his best as well, thank you!

Next is September 11th, at his local Osaka Nanba Hatch!!


The bassist was KAIN.

At 24 years old, he is the oldest out of the three of them; he is the band’s eldest son who is also the organizer.

He also has cute looks, he has a pre-eminent sense of stability, and he supports the framework of the band with his excellent technique.

He’s astringent with the staging,
And he’s particularly cute,

I’m really glad I picked him.

“The finest rock of this era” is supported by his bass; he will certainly defeat you.

His musical sense is also the best of this era.

Musically, as well as being the eldest son, he is my sub-leader.

KAIN did his very best as the eldest son!

I’m relying on you!!

Thank you!!!


Also, midway, the members of T-GAIA had their first stage, the performance of the T-EARTH & T-GAIA united band was the best part; it was deeply emotional, like a family full of love; it was warm.
And I got an abundance of this feeling when we were together with the audience.

The next T-EARTH live is

On September 11th at Osaka Nanba Hatch

Everyone who participated, and everyone who couldn’t participate,

I really want to tell you from the bottom of my heart.

The finest rock songs in the world!

The highest shout in the world!!

And the world’s coolest, cutest, most genuine rock band!!!

And the sense of unity with the world’s hottest, most warm-hearted, audience!!!!

If you don’t feel this, then you will truly regret it.

A hot


emotional live.

Definitely next time

In Osaka

let’s create it.

News articles


T-EARTH my space


Now, today, and tomorrow are in-store events.

Just released on the 13th, TOSHI HEALING’s “Itsumademo”

TOSHI with T-EARTH’s “Hontou no Ai” “TRUTH”
They’re promotion events for these 3 new albums!!

I’m waiting for you!!

15th (Saturday)
Ibaraki prefecture, Kasama city 2:00PM & 4:00PM Kasama Shopping Center

16th (Sunday)
Mie prefecture, Matsusaka city 11:30~ Marm

Gifu prefecture, Ogaki city 3:00PM~ Aqua Walk Healing Entertainment In-store event

Mie prefecture, Yokkaichi city 6:00PM~ Kayo Shopping Center

The picture is from
Inside the elevator heading for the stage.

It’s surely from right before the actual performance.
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At last, at last it's today!

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At last, today

Akasaka Blitz 2 DAYS

T-EARTH’s rehearsal is perfect

I can clearly say this band

Is way too awesome

The world’s most prominent, ultra-fine rock music

To say the least



While the lads’ have freshness

Excellent technique and sense


And their cool performance

To the point that I don’t know what to do

The best band has been born

If no matter what you don’t come to Akasaka Blitz on the 13th

You will absolutely regret it.


Please support the members’ Ameblogs




The rehearsal has just finished


Healing Concert is on the 14th

This is again great healing

In the current healing industry, TOSHI healing is a considerable movement

At the “Healing Fair” a few days ago, I made a stage appearance and I did many interviews for healing and spiritual magazines and sites which have recently come out.

The offers have really increased.


T-EARTH’s rock is like that, and the ultra-fine, most prominent song of this healing era is the miraculous harmony of TOSHI & WANKU in “Iyashi no kanaderu”

If you don’t participate in the concert at Akasaka Blitz on the 14th

You’ll absolutely

Regret it.

At last today, tomorrow

Akasaka Blitz 2 Days

The real thing

I’m going to give it to you.

Everyone’s enthusiasm

Let me hear it

The picture is of
Before Blitz
The last rehearsal