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The sunlight is hot!

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Yesterday in Azumino city, Nagano, at the “Gallery Makigahara” I had an early birthday concert.

Everyone who kindly participated, thank you very much.

And all the staff members, thank you for always helping at the At Home concerts!

Immediately, I decided to return to Nagano once more next week.

11th (Sunday)
5:00PM~ Tsutaya Wakasato Store Nagano city, Wakasato 7-6-5 TEL: 026-229-5588


8:00PM~ Tsutaya Minamimatsumoto Store Matsumoto City, Miyata 2-7 TEL: 0263-27-3277


12th (Monday)

12:00PM Tsutaya Higashimatsumoto Store Matsmoto City, Motomachi 1-2-1 TEL: 0263-34-9500


2:00PM Tsutaya Matsumoto Shonai Store Matsumoto City, Degawa 1-1-3 TEL: 0263-24-3818


4:00PM Tsutaya Kitamatsumoto Store Matsumoto City, Nagisa 1-7-1 TEL: 0263-24-1258


Also, I came to Shizuoka, Iwata city today!!

The weather is nice in Shizuoka today!!

At Mitsui Shopping Park Lala Port Iwata
I have an in-store (actually its outdoors) mini talk & live.
In the middle of the hot sunlight, sometime ago the 12:00PM performance finished.
The next one is at 2:00PM.

Come to me with love.

Tonight I will go to my friend’s company event; it’s a private event in Shiga prefecture.

Today I’ll go at it enthusiastically!

My official home page has been redesigned so check it!!

And, on October 10th at 7:00PM~
At the Ginza Armani’s fashion-conscious membership’s bar & restaurant
“Premium Birthday Party”
Come to me
With love.

(Questions) Healing Entertainment 054-656-3655 (On the 5th, Monday, from 9AM they will take calls; the head of department is Maeshima.)

Now I am going to eat lunch!

My favorite Sanuki udon set.
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