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It’s good weather in Azumino, Nagano.

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Time passes quickly and it is already October!

Today I have a concert in Azumino city, in Nagano prefecture.

I got off the shinkansen, and I am currently riding in a car.

The weather is wonderful!

By the way,
It’s sudden but
On October 10th

It has been decided that the

“TOSHI Premium Birthday Party” will be held

At Tokyo Ginza’s Armani Tower’s Armani Member’s Bar.

6:30PM is reception.
7:00 is when it starts.

It's a very fashionable and cool place that people don’t normally consider entering,
But I want to spend this memorial day together with everyone.

Definitely take part please!

For inquiries
Healing Entertainment 050-656-3655 (Head of Department: Maejima)

Today as well, for the time being? the concert in Nagano will be my birthday party.
I’m looking forward to it.
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