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The Last of Summer Vacation!

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On the 30th

During the afternoon, in Aichi prefecture, Chita city
I has a concert inside the hospital of my medical director friend, who has supported me without fail no matter what from long ago.

The concert was created by people who were moved by my music.
For them to have such love for me, that sort of at home feeling was nice.
Doctor, everyone who participated,

Thank you!

At night was the eco themed concert in Handa city.
It was really exciting.

Today, the 31st,

At 8:00PM~ in Gunma prefecture, Oizumi city, is my in-store event.

This company has always supported me since the beginning of my Utatabi days, and it manages many CD stores in the center of Gunma prefecture. At their store that has just opened

The TSUTAYA Oizumi store

This summer vacation
I never took a break.
I really worked a lot.

This summer
Part of my work
Was having many encounters and deep emotions.

Thank you.

This year’s summer vacation,
I will adorn it with perfect beauty.
Created by my true friends,
My in-store event.


Come to me with love.

The picture is from
The concert in the hospital.


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