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Suzuka Circuit

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Suzuka Circuit

X JAPAN Film Gig

Surprise appearance

With Yoshiki

Real time relay is

At WANKU’s Ameblog

The schedule from tomorrow is below

23rd (Sunday) Ishikawa prefecture, Hakusan city, Ichirino Music Festival

24th (Monday) Osaka city, 7:30PM~ Apple Store Shinsaibashi In-store event

26th (Wedenesday) Yokohama city, 6:00PM~ Yokohama Vivre

28th (Friday) Fukuoka prefecture, Iizuka city, Kahogekijyo Bone Marrow Bank Aid Charity Concert
Afternoon times Doors open: 12:30 Show starts: 1:30PM Evening times Doors open: 6:00PM Show starts: 7:00PM

29th (Saturday) Tokyo, Shinjuku 2:00PM~ HMV Shinjuku In-store event

6:00PM~ SHIBUYA DESEO Studio Bayd First Anniversary Commemorative Live Guest appearance

30th (Sunday) Aichi prefecture, Handa city

Handa City Welfare Culture Assembly Hall ◆What a salon can do~ Handa Beauty “eco” Project~

Details are

And TOSHI with T-EARTH Osaka live

More and more it’s drawing near!!

You’ll definitely regret it if you don’t come~

Without fail, come!!!

Anyway, hurry to WANKU’s ameblog!!!


So I am on my way back to Japan today (was back in the US) so I apologize in advance if it takes me a while to catch up with him if he goes on a blogging spree.

And do check out Kaori's blog, there are a ton of awesome pics from the film gig.

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