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Akasaka Blitz 2 Days Have Ended

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Akasaka Blitz 2 Days have ended.

Those 2 days were really exciting.

Everyone who kindly participated, thank you very much!

My impressions on the newly born TOSHI with T-EARTH concert after it has finished today, the 13th:

The concert on the 13th, it was really great.

What I felt more than anything else was

The greatness of the songs.

Like ultra-fine rock, the more than good cool rock sound, the arrangement…

The lyrics are of course ultra-fine eco, environmental, and truly natural.

The vocals were a culmination of my 30 years experience all gathered together, shouting with all my might!

And the shouts and sound that the audience answered with as one continued to spread out like a borderless cosmos.

And the members were

The elementary school sixth grader, the 12 year old genius drummer on drums, RIKU

It was his first full-blown live but, his greatness, and coolness, was felt by everyone in Akasaka Blitz more than 100%.

His technical prowess, a radical of his time, and yet his genuine, single-minded drumming figure can move anyone.

However in the shadow of being called a genius he earnestly practices hard; I saw this side of him.
When he showed me his hand, for the first time in his life “blisters” formed on his red skin.



The awe-inspiring RIKU.

I saw his true potential.

RIKU, you really did well! Thank you!!

The guitarist was RYO.

He just turned 18 years old the other day.

He has handsome features, his charm lies in his excellent technique which is out of character for a man his age. Without thinking, he took to his first stage without cowardice, he coolly decides what to do when he needs to decide, and, on the stage he freely runs around rampantly, having a good time while performing. His audience appeal is fantastic.

With the sense of fresh flowers, his greatest charming point is his natural disposition to be a new star.

“T-EARTH’s music is the best of this era” is what that young man said, for the younger generation to feel that way, in order to learn a song requiring high levels of musicianship, even when he should be sleeping, he begrudgingly practices.

That exertion of yin can not be seen even if he belches; his bright, obedient natural character erupted on stage.

On that stage, he conveyed that completely to the audience.

RYO really did his best as well, thank you!

Next is September 11th, at his local Osaka Nanba Hatch!!

The bassist was KAIN.

At 24 years old, he is the oldest out of the three of them; he is the band’s eldest son who is also the organizer.

He also has cute looks, he has a pre-eminent sense of stability, and he supports the framework of the band with his excellent technique.

He’s astringent with the staging,
And he’s particularly cute,

I’m really glad I picked him.

“The finest rock of this era” is supported by his bass; he will certainly defeat you.

His musical sense is also the best of this era.

Musically, as well as being the eldest son, he is my sub-leader.

KAIN did his very best as the eldest son!

I’m relying on you!!

Thank you!!!

Also, midway, the members of T-GAIA had their first stage, the performance of the T-EARTH & T-GAIA united band was the best part; it was deeply emotional, like a family full of love; it was warm.
And I got an abundance of this feeling when we were together with the audience.

The next T-EARTH live is

On September 11th at Osaka Nanba Hatch

Everyone who participated, and everyone who couldn’t participate,

I really want to tell you from the bottom of my heart.

The finest rock songs in the world!

The highest shout in the world!!

And the world’s coolest, cutest, most genuine rock band!!!

And the sense of unity with the world’s hottest, most warm-hearted, audience!!!!

If you don’t feel this, then you will truly regret it.

A hot


emotional live.

Definitely next time

In Osaka

let’s create it.

News articles

T-EARTH my space

Now, today, and tomorrow are in-store events.

Just released on the 13th, TOSHI HEALING’s “Itsumademo”

TOSHI with T-EARTH’s “Hontou no Ai” “TRUTH”
They’re promotion events for these 3 new albums!!

I’m waiting for you!!

15th (Saturday)
Ibaraki prefecture, Kasama city 2:00PM & 4:00PM Kasama Shopping Center

16th (Sunday)
Mie prefecture, Matsusaka city 11:30~ Marm

Gifu prefecture, Ogaki city 3:00PM~ Aqua Walk Healing Entertainment In-store event

Mie prefecture, Yokkaichi city 6:00PM~ Kayo Shopping Center

The picture is from
Inside the elevator heading for the stage.

It’s surely from right before the actual performance.

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