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At last, at last it's today!

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At last, today

Akasaka Blitz 2 DAYS

T-EARTH’s rehearsal is perfect

I can clearly say this band

Is way too awesome

The world’s most prominent, ultra-fine rock music

To say the least



While the lads’ have freshness

Excellent technique and sense


And their cool performance

To the point that I don’t know what to do

The best band has been born

If no matter what you don’t come to Akasaka Blitz on the 13th

You will absolutely regret it.


Please support the members’ Ameblogs




The rehearsal has just finished


Healing Concert is on the 14th

This is again great healing

In the current healing industry, TOSHI healing is a considerable movement

At the “Healing Fair” a few days ago, I made a stage appearance and I did many interviews for healing and spiritual magazines and sites which have recently come out.

The offers have really increased.

T-EARTH’s rock is like that, and the ultra-fine, most prominent song of this healing era is the miraculous harmony of TOSHI & WANKU in “Iyashi no kanaderu”

If you don’t participate in the concert at Akasaka Blitz on the 14th

You’ll absolutely

Regret it.

At last today, tomorrow

Akasaka Blitz 2 Days

The real thing

I’m going to give it to you.

Everyone’s enthusiasm

Let me hear it

The picture is of
Before Blitz
The last rehearsal

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