October 24th, 2009

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I'm sorry to have made you worry.

Now, I have intercostal neuralgia,
so I am resting.

Since 10 years ago, and even now,
there are vicious lawyers and,
vicious stalkers who support such bastards, and malignant reporters
and malignant people who get close to you for the sole purpose and interest of fabricating stories,
fabricating terrible lies,
bashing you in the press.
My precious wife, WANKU,
and my important friends, and the children suffer terribly.
My intercostal neuralgia came about from such severity.

Even at the court, they believe such vicious people's lies and falsehoods,
and an odd judicial decision is delivered; it's too cruel.
Is it alright to overlook such injustice?

The other day I went to a trial but,
my friends,
I saw face to face with how terribly they suffer.
Such cruelty, such harshness;
It was then that my chest started to hurt.

To use the press as a battlefield,
fabricating every lie possible and wagging war with them.
I will never forgive such vicious bastards.

Everyone, I am very sorry I was unable to go to you with love.

Even though I made you worry,
I will rest and surely go to you with love.

Until then, please wait for me.


Intercostal neuralgia is pain affecting the nerves which emerge from the spinal cord and run along the spaces between the ribs to the front of the body. This form of neuralgia affects the left side more than the right, is much more common in women than in men, and occurs generally in enfeebled states of health. It might be mistaken for pleurisy or some inflammatory affection of the lungs; but the absence of any chest symptoms, its occurrence independently of the acts of respiration, and other considerations well establish the distinction. The specially painful points are chiefly at the commencement of the nerve as it issues from the spinal canal, and at the extremities towards the front of the body, where it breaks up into filaments which ramify in the skin. This form of neuralgia is occasionally the precursor of an attack of shingles (Herpes zoster) as well as a result of it.

Neuralgia is a term used to express a pain of varying character in the course of a nerve or its branches, in which there is no structural change. The pain is intermittent or remittent in character, and tends to shift from place to place. There are frequently painful points (points douloureux) in the course of the nerve. Intercostal neuralgia is a common form ofi neuralgia, especially in anemic and hysterical women, the middle intercostal nerves of the left side suffering more frequently than the right. There is commonly a dull pain, with paroxysms of a stabbing character at intervals. Painful points are located under the angle of the scapula, beside the vertebra, and at the middle of the ribs. Expansion of the chest increases the pain; hence respiration is shallow. Clinical manifestations of this disease are frequent pains in one or several intercostal spaces, sometimes with a belt-like distribution. The pain, which is distributed along the costal region, is intensified with coughing or deep breathing, and is characterized by a sharp pricking or electric shock sensation. In severe cases the pain may radiate to the lumbo-dorsal region of the affected side, with hyperesthesia of the skin of the corresponding area and tenderness on pressure at the borders of the ribs.

I haven't heard of any trials involving Toshi himself lately, so I think he attended the trial of a friend or friends. If any of you have heard about it, let me know.