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Information in regards to my concerts

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At this time, my public performances have been repeatedly discontinued and postponed.
I have caused much trouble for all the sponsors, all the fans, and all the parties involved.
I sincerely apologize.

It has been decided that the Christmas concert that was to be held on December 19th at the Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball will be postponed.

At the same place, on the same place, MASAYA will have a Christmas concert on the stage.
Everyone, above all else I invite you, and definitely wish for you to attend!


MASAYA Official HP
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At this time, I sincerely apologize for
troubling you and making you worry.

Now, my physical condition is very bad, due to my acute intercostal neuralgia.
I currently can not sing or speak; it has become important for me to take some time to recuperate.

I will definitely comeback in the near future.
Please look forward to the day when we will meet again!


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I'm sorry to have made you worry.

Now, I have intercostal neuralgia,
so I am resting.

Since 10 years ago, and even now,
there are vicious lawyers and,
vicious stalkers who support such bastards, and malignant reporters
and malignant people who get close to you for the sole purpose and interest of fabricating stories,
fabricating terrible lies,
bashing you in the press.
My precious wife, WANKU,
and my important friends, and the children suffer terribly.
My intercostal neuralgia came about from such severity.

Even at the court, they believe such vicious people's lies and falsehoods,
and an odd judicial decision is delivered; it's too cruel.
Is it alright to overlook such injustice?

The other day I went to a trial but,
my friends,
I saw face to face with how terribly they suffer.
Such cruelty, such harshness;
It was then that my chest started to hurt.

To use the press as a battlefield,
fabricating every lie possible and wagging war with them.
I will never forgive such vicious bastards.

Everyone, I am very sorry I was unable to go to you with love.

Even though I made you worry,
I will rest and surely go to you with love.

Until then, please wait for me.


Intercostal neuralgia is pain affecting the nerves which emerge from the spinal cord and run along the spaces between the ribs to the front of the body. This form of neuralgia affects the left side more than the right, is much more common in women than in men, and occurs generally in enfeebled states of health. It might be mistaken for pleurisy or some inflammatory affection of the lungs; but the absence of any chest symptoms, its occurrence independently of the acts of respiration, and other considerations well establish the distinction. The specially painful points are chiefly at the commencement of the nerve as it issues from the spinal canal, and at the extremities towards the front of the body, where it breaks up into filaments which ramify in the skin. This form of neuralgia is occasionally the precursor of an attack of shingles (Herpes zoster) as well as a result of it.

Neuralgia is a term used to express a pain of varying character in the course of a nerve or its branches, in which there is no structural change. The pain is intermittent or remittent in character, and tends to shift from place to place. There are frequently painful points (points douloureux) in the course of the nerve. Intercostal neuralgia is a common form ofi neuralgia, especially in anemic and hysterical women, the middle intercostal nerves of the left side suffering more frequently than the right. There is commonly a dull pain, with paroxysms of a stabbing character at intervals. Painful points are located under the angle of the scapula, beside the vertebra, and at the middle of the ribs. Expansion of the chest increases the pain; hence respiration is shallow. Clinical manifestations of this disease are frequent pains in one or several intercostal spaces, sometimes with a belt-like distribution. The pain, which is distributed along the costal region, is intensified with coughing or deep breathing, and is characterized by a sharp pricking or electric shock sensation. In severe cases the pain may radiate to the lumbo-dorsal region of the affected side, with hyperesthesia of the skin of the corresponding area and tenderness on pressure at the borders of the ribs.

I haven't heard of any trials involving Toshi himself lately, so I think he attended the trial of a friend or friends. If any of you have heard about it, let me know.
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Starting soon, in Onomichi city, Hiroshima,
is the TOSHI with T-EARTH live.

I'm looking forward to it! T-EARTH!!

Last night, in Seoul, Korea,
which is a huge outdoor event where many Korean rock bands perform,
I appeared as a guest performer.

It was a live held in the cold cold outdoors but it ended in a hot hot climax!

And tomorrow, in Tokyo's Shinjuku,

is the collaboration concert

with the world reknown pianist,

Cyprien Katsaris.

Of course in our performance together,

there will also be a pipe organ.


Come to me with love.

Well then,


is about to start.

The picture is of
the live in Seoul.


In the original entry, "Festival" is misspelled as "Festibal." So I corrected it.
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The Raging Billows of Nagano

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Thank you very much

For the many birthday messages & presents!!

Last night’s birthday event at Ginza’s Armani was exciting.

Everyone who kindly participated, thank you!!

Starting today is the the raging billows of Nagano prefecture’s TSUTAYAs – 5 events in rapid succession.

5:00PM~ TSUTAYA Wakasato Store
8:00PM~ TSUTAYA Minamimatsumoto Store

12:00PM~ TSUTAYA Matsumoto Shonai Store

2:00PM~ TSUTAYA Higashimatsumoto Store

4:00PM~ TSUTAYA Kitamatsumoto Store

Everyone in the suburbs of Matsumoto, Nagano

Come to me with love.


After that

17th I have a guest performance at the event concert “KOREA MUSIC FESTIVAL” in Seoul, Korea.

18th Finally the TOSHI with T-EARTH concert
In Onomichi city, Hiroshima prefecture


19h At the Tokyo Shinjuku Culture Center
I have a collaboration talk & concert with
The world renown pianist
Cyprien Katsaris.


I’ll go at this new beginning
With enthusiasm!!


Cyprien Katsaris - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyprien_Katsaris
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Thank you everyone!

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Thank you very much
For the many messages and presents.

I spent my birthday in the recording studio, working on a new song.

I really made a great new song.

I can’t think of a more wonderful start than that!

I got a birthday e-mail from Heath at exactly midnight.

And I just got a call from YOSHIKI.
He’s still in rehabilitation but he seems to be well.

“We’re classmates but my age is unknown, don’t you think that’s weird?”
He talked about himself.
I laughed, YOSHIKI.

Starting now is my birthday event,
I’m looking forward to it.

Is that



Pata, who said this?


Please take care of me from now on. (o^-')b


Classmates - Toshi and Yoshiki have always been in the same grade, and the same schools. They might have even been in the same classes. Yoshiki tends to not say his age or even his birthday, yet it can be figured out by asking Toshi because Toshi will say how old he is, or give you his birthday. So maybe Yoshiki was musing on why he still tries to keep it a secret when it's obvious. Unless, of course, he doesn't remember his own age, or Toshi's, and then he might have thought that was strange. Either way, Toshi and him found it funny.

And as it was kindly pointed out to me, because I do miss/forget things, Pata once asked if Armani was once delicious, because he didn't know what Armani was. So Toshi was referring to that incident, and wondering where he was.
Here is a clip of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYipYkw-H9o
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The title match begins!

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At last Kameda Daiki’s title match starts!

I just looked at a picture of Daiki from when he was in junior high school and I was surprised that he looked a bit like I did

Daiki, who doesn’t care about another person’s affairs was cute!

Everyone, cheer for him!

At 7:55PM

On TBS Enterprises’ channel

Is the live broadcast.

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The sunlight is hot!

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Yesterday in Azumino city, Nagano, at the “Gallery Makigahara” I had an early birthday concert.

Everyone who kindly participated, thank you very much.

And all the staff members, thank you for always helping at the At Home concerts!

Immediately, I decided to return to Nagano once more next week.

11th (Sunday)
5:00PM~ Tsutaya Wakasato Store Nagano city, Wakasato 7-6-5 TEL: 026-229-5588

Access: http://www.shinanopoly.co.jp/tsutaya/tsutaya_index.htm#wakasato

8:00PM~ Tsutaya Minamimatsumoto Store Matsumoto City, Miyata 2-7 TEL: 0263-27-3277

Access: http://www.shinanopoly.co.jp/tsutaya/tsutaya_index.htm#minamimastu

12th (Monday)

12:00PM Tsutaya Higashimatsumoto Store Matsmoto City, Motomachi 1-2-1 TEL: 0263-34-9500

Access: http://www.shinanopoly.co.jp/tsutaya/tsutaya_index.htm#higashimatsu

2:00PM Tsutaya Matsumoto Shonai Store Matsumoto City, Degawa 1-1-3 TEL: 0263-24-3818

Access: http://www.shinanopoly.co.jp/tsutaya/tsutaya_index.htm#kiri

4:00PM Tsutaya Kitamatsumoto Store Matsumoto City, Nagisa 1-7-1 TEL: 0263-24-1258

Access: http://www.shinanopoly.co.jp/tsutaya/tsutaya_index.htm#kitamatsu

Also, I came to Shizuoka, Iwata city today!!

The weather is nice in Shizuoka today!!

At Mitsui Shopping Park Lala Port Iwata
I have an in-store (actually its outdoors) mini talk & live.
In the middle of the hot sunlight, sometime ago the 12:00PM performance finished.
The next one is at 2:00PM.

Come to me with love.

Tonight I will go to my friend’s company event; it’s a private event in Shiga prefecture.

Today I’ll go at it enthusiastically!

My official home page has been redesigned so check it!!


And, on October 10th at 7:00PM~
At the Ginza Armani’s fashion-conscious membership’s bar & restaurant
“Premium Birthday Party”
Come to me
With love.

(Questions) Healing Entertainment 054-656-3655 (On the 5th, Monday, from 9AM they will take calls; the head of department is Maeshima.)

Now I am going to eat lunch!

My favorite Sanuki udon set.
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It’s good weather in Azumino, Nagano.

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Time passes quickly and it is already October!

Today I have a concert in Azumino city, in Nagano prefecture.

I got off the shinkansen, and I am currently riding in a car.

The weather is wonderful!

By the way,
It’s sudden but
On October 10th

It has been decided that the

“TOSHI Premium Birthday Party” will be held

At Tokyo Ginza’s Armani Tower’s Armani Member’s Bar.

6:30PM is reception.
7:00 is when it starts.

It's a very fashionable and cool place that people don’t normally consider entering,
But I want to spend this memorial day together with everyone.

Definitely take part please!

For inquiries
Healing Entertainment 050-656-3655 (Head of Department: Maejima)


Today as well, for the time being? the concert in Nagano will be my birthday party.
I’m looking forward to it.